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We at the Law Offices of Patrick McNally can help you with all aspects of charitable giving, whether it be establishing a charity or charitable entity through which you can fulfill your charitable planning wishes, or simply making lifetime gifts, changes to beneficiary designations on retirement accounts and life insurance policies, and making bequests in will and trusts.

We will help you explore the many options as you consider charitable giving as part of your comprehensive estate plan.  As part of the planning process, we analyze your existing estate plan, consider the tax consequences of the various charitable planning alternatives, and the donation of different types of property such as retirement plans, real estate etc. and the needs and structure of the charitable recipient.  Strategies include the making of direct lifetime or post-death gifts, the creation of certain charitable trusts, consideration of donations to local supporting organizations or donor advised funds, as well as the creation of public charities, private and family foundations.  Whether you wish to make charitable gifts during your lifetime, or at the time of your death, we can help you establish philanthropic goals, optimize their charitable giving while at the same time help you save on estate, capital gains or income taxes.

We have worked with families and private philanthropic-minded individuals in setting up public charities; private foundations etc. and advised clients on:

  • the optimum choice of entity form for the entity (corporation, trust, LLC)
  • assisted with preparing the forms necessary to obtain tax-exempt status (1023 & 1024)
  • provided guidance on tax, governance, corporate and contract law matters;
  • advised on  the legal aspects of benefit events, and other fund-raising activities, on federal and state fundraising and solicitation registration, reporting and other regulation requirements,
  • assisted with compliance with federal and state income, franchise, sale/use tax and annual reporting and with federal and state Attorney General requirements

We have also assisted other varieties of 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations, including civic and social welfare organizations, and trade and professional associations.

Charitable planning leaves a legacy that can last as long as you would like to help the organizations, people and causes you value so dearly.

Charitable planning can be exciting and rewarding for you and your family.  At the Law Offices of Patrick McNally, we look forward to explaining all the options available to you.  We want to help you make your mark on society, and help you design what works best for you and the causes you care the most about.

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